Out of concern for our mutual wellbeing, but nonetheless 


I have decided that Orange Grove will be closed for treatments for the next 4 weeks, reopening 

after Easter - likely 

Thursday 16 April 2020


I am doing so having read much on the trajectory of 

COVID-19, and from this research wish to be part of the “flatten the curve” movement, so as not to overwhelm the medical system. This decision has been made because of the close personal nature and 

considerable period of time during treatments.


However, I do hope to continue supporting you during this period. As a consequence, the following:


PRODUCTS:  for ladies who purchase products from me, I’m more than happy to make these available, to continue your skin care needs. 


NEWSLETTER: I’m going to send out weekly now - instead of monthly - a newsletter with a broad range of skin care tips for the duration of Orange Grove’s closure, so if you’re not already signed up, I’d love it if you wanted to add your email to the listing. And if you have any skin care questions that you’d

like covered in the newsletter, I’d love to hear from you.


UPCOMING APPTS: all ladies who have booked an appt with me will be contacted to discuss the temporary closure. 


SKIN CARE: if you have any questions, do just email


Those of you who attend the spa will know that high level disinfection (PREempt HLD product details - https://bit.ly/2TSM0vi) hygiene is paramount here.

And as we approached this unfortunate circumstance I increased my measures by recently adding  the 4-level HEPA filter air purifier with a built-in uv-C light. I am now additionally adding a disinfecting uv-C light for soft surfaces. These new measures are now in addition to my usual hygiene practices.


I look forward to seeing all my lovely ladies again in a few weeks time, and, till then, take very good care of yourself. 



Attendance at the spa is by appointment only