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*   microdermabrasion -      face & neck treatment

30m - $68 total                        

after micro, a soothing hydrating serum applied with lifting effects of ultra-sound. to finish, a 100% natural & organic deep hydrating serum, cream, & sunblock SPF 58


*   microdermabrasion -

face, neck & décolleté

45m- $102 total                        

after micro, a soothing hydrating cream mask, during which a hand & arm massage. 100% natural & organic rosewater & deep hydrating serum applied with ultrasound to deeply penetrate & lift. to finish, a firming cream, & sunblock SPF 58


*   microdermabrasion       as a facial add-on

15m - $34 total                       

to give an “instant glow”, excellent before a special event!



*   microdermabrasion -      detoxifying marine algae back treatment

45m - $79 total                   

cleansing, detoxifying, brightening AND relaxing  - after microdermabrasion, detoxifying/brightening/nourishing 100% natural marine algae mask, during which enjoy a relaxing and revivifying leg massage finishing with a sweep of thalgo’s gel for featherlight legs. after removal of the mask, a relaxing back massage finishes treatment


*   microdermabrasion -

face & neck - with anti-aging & lifting serums infusion

1h30m- $158 total                       

this treatment begins with a relaxing back massage. after microdermabrasion, 2 serums with lifting, firming, hydrating properties are infused using the gentle waves of the ultrasound which has a lifting and boosting effect. after these two modalities, a gentle massage of the face, neck & décolleté, before a vit C mask. during the mask a hand & arm massage, & décolleté & shoulder massage. to finish, 100% natural & organic rosewater & deep hydrating serum, firming cream, & sunblock SPF 58


aesthetic microdermabrasion is a PAINLESS, NON-INVASIVE, GRADUAL and GENTLE way of correcting skin flaws and STRENGTHENING the dermis and epidermis.   its ANTI-AGING effects are the result of INCREASED BLOOD CIRCULATION induced by the sweeping action of the diamond tip and the vacuum effect which STIMULATES the skin’s own natural process, which in turn produces NEW COLLAGEN and ELASTIN.  this effect takes 4-6+ months to show in the skin

wrinkles, fine lines, superficial scars and hyperpigmentation are likely to need a series of treatments, whereas the desire for an “instant glow” should be seen after one treatment

excellent for many skin types and conditions - dry, oily, uneven, congested, fine lines, superficial wrinkles & acne scarring, among others

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